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Sarah Alkhoury is one of the most famous businesswomen in the world. Sarah was born on September 12th, 1996, in Florida, USA. Sarah is a successful Tik Tok star who has gained around $600,000 by 2022. Sarah’s family is very wealthy and she comes from a long line of entrepreneurs. Sarah is 5’6″ tall and has two brothers and one sister. Sarah Alkhoury attended college at Boston University in the United States.

Sarah Alkhoury Biography

Sarah Alkhoury is one of the most famous Tik Tok celebrities in the world. Sarah’s birthday is September 12th, 1996. The hot model gained her popularity by creating cute and gorgeous videos on Tik Tok.

The 22-year-old American was born in Florida to parents of Arab descent. Sarah’s mother tongue is Arabic but she can also speak English fluently. Sarah loves to travel and has been to many countries such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, France, Italy, and Spain.

Sarah has a slim body build and often posts pictures and videos of her working out. Sarah also frequently posts pictures of her healthy meals on her social media account.

Sarah Alkhoury Age

Sarah Alkhoury is currently 25 years old. She will be 26 years old in September of 2022. Sarah looks very young for her age and often gets mistaken for being much younger than she actually is.

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Body Measurements

Sarah Alkhoury height is around five feet and six inches. That is approximately 167 centimeters. Sarah’s weight is estimated to be around 55 kilograms. Her body measurements are 34-24-34 inches (86-61-86 cm). Her bra size is 32B and her dress size is US 0- UK/AUS/NZ/CA/FR 32.

Sarah Alkhoury Boyfriend

Sarah Alkhoury is currently not in a relationship.


Sarah was born in Florida, USA. Her mother’s name is Randa and her father’s name is Fouad. Sarah has two brothers named Sammy and Tony. Sarah’s family is originally from Lebanon.


Sarah Alkhoury graduated from high school in 2015. She then attended college for a year before deciding to pursue a career in modeling full-time.

Sarah Alkhoury Net Worth

Sarah Alkhoury net worth is around $600,000 as of 2022. The Tik Tok star makes a decent amount of money from her modeling career, social media sponsorships, and endorsement deals.

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Images and Photo

You can find a collection of Sarah Alkhoury images and photos in the gallery below.

Sarah Alkhoury Video

You can find a collection of Sarah Alkhoury videos in the gallery below.

Unknown Facts

  • Sarah Alkhoury is of Lebanese descent.
  • Sarah Alkhoury’s favorite color is blue.
  • Sarah Alkhoury’s favorite food is sushi.
  • Sarah Alkhoury’s hobbies include shopping and traveling.
  • Sarah Alukhory has over 12 million followers on TikTok as of 2022.


How Old Is Sarah Alkhoury?

As of 2022, Sarah Alkhoury is 25 years old.

What Zodiac Sign Is Sarah Alkhoury?

Sarah Alkhoury is a Taurus.

What Nationality Is Sarah Alkhoury?

Sarah Alkhoury is Lebanese.

What Ethnicity Is Sarah Alkhoury?

Sarah Alkhoury is Middle Eastern.

Does Sarah Alkhoury Have Children?

No, Sarah Alkhoury does not have any children.

What Is Sarah Alkhoury’s Net Worth?

Sarah Alkhoury’s net worth is estimated to be $600 thousand as of 2022.

Is Sarah Alkhoury Single or Married?

Sarah Alkhoury is single as of 2022.

How Tall Is Sarah Alkhoury?

Sarah Alkhouri stands at a height of five feet and six inches.

Does Sarah Alkhoury Have Siblings?

Yes, Sarah Alkhoury has two older sisters.

What Does Sarah Alkhoury Do?

Sarah Alkhoury is a fashion designer and model.

Where Is Sarah Alkhoury From?

Sarah Alkhoury was born in Florida.

When Was Sarah Alkhouri Born?

Sarah Alkhouri was born on September 12th, 1996.

Is Sarah Alkhouri Dating Anyone?

Sarah Alkhouri is not dating anyone as of 2022.

Why Is Sarah Alkhouri Famous For?

Sarah Alkhouri is famous for being a Tik Tok celebrity and Instagram model.

Does Sarah Alkhouri Smoke?

Sarah Alkhouri does not smoke.

What Color Are Sarah Alkhoury’s Eyes?

Sarah Alkhoury has brown eyes.

What Hobbies Does Sarah Alkhouri Have?

Sarah Alkhouri enjoys fashion, traveling, and fitness.

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