How to choose the best rain umbrella

How to Choose the Best Rain Umbrella 2017

Not all of us live in a climate where it’s sunny every day. Many of us find ourselves waking up to the tap, tap, tap of rain on our windowpanes, the dreary dredge to work or trying to run errands as it pours cats and dogs. Luckily, whatever scenario you encounter, you can have the best rain umbrella to keep you dry.

Some umbrellas are fashionable and eye-catching, some slim and compact, but whatever your preference, it has to be functional, waterproof and able to withstand the elements. Also, consider what functional means to you. If you live in the city, a golf umbrella is probably not the best choice for navigating crowded streets. Sure, you’ll stay dry as a bone, but how many eyes will you poke out between First and Fifth Avenues? For those of us who travel often or constantly have our hands full, how do we weather the storm?

Finding the perfect sized rain umbrella or the one that helps us to be “hands-free” can be a challenge, especially with a number of choices available.

Features and points for consideration before you begin:

  • Size – Your choices are limited here – choose from either a full size or automatic collapsible umbrella. Are you looking for more coverage or a space saver?
  • Canopy – Ensure you find a waterproof option to cover your head and body but also consider how important it is for you to have a quick-drying model.
  • Frame – Make sure to steer clear of flimsy aluminum frames. Also, think about how often you typically encounter high winds in your climate.
  • Shaft (or Stem) – Are you interested in a traditional stem or one with a unique design? Also, make sure you settle on the shaft that’s correct for your height.
  • Ease of Transportation – Similar to size, consider whether you need a travel umbrella or one that covers more than one person.
  • Durability – How frequently will you use your umbrella and how severe is the weather in your geography? A more expensive umbrella should garner more use and last longer.
  • Ease of use – Does the umbrella have an easy-to-use, ergonomic push button and comfort grip? Some umbrellas open in one-second, keeping you dry during unexpected downpours.
  • Style – Do you want the classic black umbrella or something with a little more flair? There are many styles and color options available.
  • Purpose – Will the umbrella be kept in a glove compartment for unexpected downpours or will it be used on weekend hiking trips? The end use is important to consider.
  • Price – The best-selling rain umbrellas cost more than the typical drug-store model, typically ranging from $20-$40. Consider your budget before shopping and remember, cheaper is not always better.

Let’s examine 10 best-selling rain umbrellas in the categories of travel/compact, full-sized and golf models to find one that’s right for you.

10 best-selling rain umbrellas​

Travel/Compact Rain Umbrellas

1. Kolumbo Travel Umbrella

This “non-breakable,” slim travel umbrella is windproof, durable and flexible. Kolumbo Travel Umbrella can withstand up to 55 MPH winds due to its flexible rib design. It’s the only umbrella that’s been durability tested 5,000 times and will bounce back to shape even if it does become inverted. The automatic button allows the umbrella to open or close in less than one second, keeping you protected from the elements. The fabric is also highly water repellent and dries quickly once out of the rain. Available in 8 colors (including black, red, purple, pink,), Kolumbo Travel Umbrella retails for $17.99 on Amazon.

2. Crown Coast Compact Travel Umbrella

This travel umbrella is rated for its durability especially during severe storms and can withstand up to 60 MPH winds. If the canopy does flip inside out, the “windproof,” flexible design allows for the umbrella to pop back into shape instead of breaking.

The Crown Coast Compact Travel model is guaranteed for 6,000 canopy openings. It also has one push button on the comfort grip handle that controls both auto opening and closing. The canopy is made from a water slick, 100% polyester material that keeps you dry and prevents mold and mildew from growing. This umbrella is available in over 18 colors (including camouflage and rainbow), comes with a storage sleeve, a guaranteed lifetime replacement program.

3. Bodyguard Innovation Umbrella

Manufactured by DuPont, this 15 inch, travel-sized umbrella’s canopy is made from Teflon (210T) fabric and can repel water and dry instantly.

The Teflon fabric whisks water away, even in heavy downpours, and makes this umbrella totally waterproof. The Bodyguard Innovation Umbrella is windproof and is made with flexible ribbing to prevent breakage if the umbrella does turn inside out. It also has a one touch, one-second open button located on the slip-resistant handle. Perfectly-sized for a glove compartment, purse or backpack, this umbrella weighs 15 ounces, comes with a lifetime guarantee and retails for $22.99 on Amazon.

4. Repel Easy Touch Umbrella

Also made by DuPont, this umbrella is designed with Teflon to remain waterproof and maintain dryness, defending against the rainy weather.

Repel is easy to use, with an automatic open/close function for one-handed operation, plus a slip-proof handle for comfort grip. The Repel comes in 8 colors (including pink, white, sky blue, yellow), includes a lifetime replacement guarantee.

Full-Sized Rain Umbrellas

5. Cars Reverse Umbrella

This beautifully designed, full-size umbrella (23 inches) with vibrant patterns on the inside is the ideal gift. The exterior is black and choices of designs range from bright flowers to geometric shapes to word clouds. Besides being eye-catching, this umbrella is also functional! With a double-layer, windproof design, this umbrella will not only keep you dry but also protected from harmful UV rays. It also comes with a clever textured C-shape handle, allowing you to “handle” anything – from holding groceries to a cell phone your hands will be free even in the worst weather.

The Reverse Umbrella allows for easy open and closes so you never have to get wet (especially getting into and out of a vehicle), allowing water to stay inside the umbrella until it’s absorbed by the fabric and dry to the touch.

This is also a sturdy umbrella that combats wind effects. Cars Reverse Umbrella comes in various colors and patterns along with a customized cloth cover.

6. BLUNT XS Metro Umbrella

This uniquely-shaped, full-size umbrella (37-inch diameter) features “BLUNT” tips that withstand heavy downpours and winds up to 55 MPH. If the umbrella does invert, it does not break, rather bounces back to shape quickly and easily. The patented BLUNT tips on the canopy do not have sharp points, perfect for use in a crowded city. With a push button for easy opening, this umbrella is great for keeping one person dry. Available in multiple colors: black, pink, blue and green.


This full-sized, 41 inch, “upside down” umbrella by Emson has a reverse-open technology to make getting into and out of cars, stores, and the front door an easy and dry experience.

Upon closing, the design allows the umbrella to keep the wet side away from the user, ensuring everything in the vicinity stays dry. With a double-layer canopy, this umbrella can withstand speeds up to 50 MPH and has an extra-wide opening for added protection against the elements. The handle is ergonomically designed with slip-free ribbings and a single, snag-free push button. This umbrella is available in black, red and blue, comes with a “No Ask Return Policy” guarantee.

Golf Rain Umbrellas

8. RainStoppers Golf Umbrella

This 68 inch, nylon golf umbrella is oversized and will completely cover you in the rainy weather. It also has a windproof design, equipped with fiberglass ribs to prevent breaking if turned inside-out. The Rain Stoppers Golf Umbrella also has a non-slip foam rubber handle. This umbrella is definitely oversized and works great for walking a dog or covering several people at once. This model comes in various solid colors (dark green, royal blue, navy blue) and striped colors (black/white, blue/white, green/white, red/white).

9. Procella Golf Umbrella

This large golf umbrella (62 inches) is big enough to shield you from the wind, rain, and sun. Windproof up to 46 MPH, this umbrella is designed not to flip inside-out and was tested by skydivers to ensure durability. The Procella Golf Umbrella is great for hiking and outdoor activities. This umbrella comes in various colors (black, blue, red/white, black/white, green/white, blue/white), includes a nylon slipcover for storage, has a no hassle replacement guarantee.

10. Bestkee LED Lightsaber Umbrella

Perfect for the Star Wars lover, this umbrella is both kitschy and functional. This golf umbrella has a 47-inch opening and has several added features. The umbrella’s shaft is powered by an LED light and can illuminate 8 different settings with the touch of a button; it also has an LED flashlight “torch” feature on the bottom of the handle. The lights operate on 3 AAA batteries (not included) and these features are safe to use in the rain. More of a novelty umbrella, this model will likely not withstand high wind speeds, but it’s great as a unique gift.

The Bestkee LED Lightsaber Umbrella comes with a carrying case that fits over your shoulder, includes a 90-day zero risk money back guarantee and retails for about $23 on Amazon.


Whether you’re purchasing a rain umbrella for yourself or as a gift, make sure the model will be user-friendly for the person stuck in the rain. Think about size, weight, usage and style, even when you’re choosing from the best-selling umbrellas - because your choice has to be the right one for you. Investing in the right model can prevent frustration and keep you dry for up to 10 years.