Beach umbrellas

Top 5 Beach Umbrellas Review

So, you want to go to the beach! Who doesn’t? The beach is so amazing and it is incredibly relaxing. However, the worst part about going to the beach is if you are trying to relax and yet you are getting attacked by the sun. It takes away a little bit of the fun if you feel your skin getting baked by the hot sun, especially after you know full well that you lathered yourself with sunscreen. The best solution to this problem is to bring an awesome beach umbrellas.

How to choose

There is quite a lot to consider when you are trying to pick out the BEST umbrella. You may want to consider the size of the umbrella. If you are planning on just covering yourself, then you may not need a very large umbrella. However, if you are going to be trying to cover yourself and a few more people then this certainly has to be considered in your beach umbrella decision.

You will also probably want an umbrella with UV protection. Sitting outside in the sun for long periods of time is very dangerous. We all know the dangers of UV rays and how they can hurt your skin. An umbrella with UV protection might be something that you want if you are planning on spending the day at the beach.

Yellow beach umbrellaYou want to know what else the beach brings besides the sun, it brings the WIND. Sometimes the wind is a nice calm breeze and other times it is a bit more than our umbrellas can handle. I don’t know about you, but there have been times when I have been happily enjoying my day at the beach when all of a sudden my beach umbrella gets caught in the wind and blows across the sand. I then have to chase my umbrella. By the time I even catch up to it, the ribs and pole are broken.

So, when you are searching for the perfect beach umbrella you will want one with sturdy poles, ribs, possibly wind repellent and truly consider how you are going to secure your umbrella so that it doesn’t blow into the nice family next to you.

Now that we talked about the things that you should be considering when you want to purchase a beach umbrella it is time to show you the BEST beach umbrellas!

Top 5 Beach Umbrellas

1. AosKe Portable Sun Shade Umbrella

What an amazing umbrella! The Aoske has 3 spikes that can be lodged into the sand to make sure that the umbrella is properly secured and you won’t have to worry about it flying away. It also has a tilt feature so that you can tilt the umbrella to make sure that no matter where the sun is you can be protected from the sun.

It has UV protection and it blocks ALL of the sunlight from coming through. You won’t feel a bit of the sunlight and you can enjoy the nice shade while you enjoy the beauty of the beach. The poles easily unscrew so that the umbrella is portable and easy to set up. There is a top air vent so that when hot air comes in it will be filtered as cool air. You won’t get over heated in this beautiful umbrella.  The Aoske umbrella can be used for any outdoor use!

2. EasyGo Rainbow Umbrella

The EasyGo umbrella has a very strong pole to be wind resistant. It is also equipped with a screw stake that can go into dirt, grass and sand very easily. It is a large 8 foot in diameter umbrella to block the wind and the sun. The EasyGo has an easy tilt feature to make sure that no matter where the sun is that this umbrella is protecting you and your family.

It also has a height adjustment feature to lower or raise the umbrella easily. This umbrella has UV protection and has 16 ribs for a more durable umbrella. It also has an easy open feature so you can push one button and it opens in seconds. If you are looking for a very large umbrella that will protect you from the sun and will stand up to the strong winds then this is the perfect umbrella for you!

3. Ammson Beach Umbrella

The Ammson Beach Umbrella is 7 feet in diameter so it can easily cover you and one other person. The flower design on the top of the umbrella isn’t only for looks, it is also an air ventilating system where it can filter hot air and it makes sure you are getting cool air when the wind blows.

You can tilt this umbrella to make sure that you maximize shade. This umbrella is supported by 6 steel ribs so it might not stand up to super heavy wind storms, but it would be fine with a nice breeze. The Ammson does not have UV protective fabric, but it does have UPF protection. This product does not come with a sand anchor. You will have to purchase an anchor separately.


4. Cloudnine Beach Umbrella

You won’t ever get your umbrella mixed up with the other people due to this eclectic and colorful design. This isn’t the biggest umbrella on the market at about 6.5 feet in diameter. However, it would be perfect for one person and would protect you from the light of the sun. The Cloudnine has 8 strong ribs that help to prevent the umbrella from breaking or folding inside out. The umbrella has an awesome tilt feature to maximize shade no matter where the sun might be located.


5. Sport-Brella Umbrella

As you can see, the unique part of this umbrella is the design. Look how awesome this umbrella suits to protect you from the sun and the wind. This is umbrella is a wide 8 feet in diameter and can protect you and your family. This umbrella provides up to 99% protection from UVA rays so you won’t have to worry about getting burnt by the blazing sun. It also has wonderful air filtering side panels that allow for perfect ventilation.

This is water and weather repellent that can protect you from the unexpected weather anywhere from the field, to camping to on the beach. You won’t have to worry if it’s windy, rainy or incredibly hot. It also includes 8 ground stakes to make sure that your umbrella stays in place if the wind blows. It also is equipped with an easy to transport carrying case.


When choosing which umbrella is the perfect one for you, you must decide what you NEED in an umbrella. Some of these umbrellas have air filtering, some have UVA protection and others have awesome features where they can be grounded into any terrain to protect from flying away. You must think about your perfect umbrella and see which one most closely matches. I hope this helped in your beach umbrella purchasing journey.