Best creative umbrellas for kids

Top 10 Best Creative Umbrellas For Kids In 2017

Are you looking for the best creative umbrella for kids for this year? As we enter the new spring season, you can bet rain showers are on their way! Are you and your children ready to take on the rain? Are you ready to handle the weather? With the 10 best creative umbrellas for kids in 2017, you can rest assured knowing your child will love their umbrella throughout the whole year. Each of these umbrellas features unique designs to their tastes and their interests, making them smile and laugh the whole year through (in addition to staying dry)!

Let’s take a look at the top 10 best creative umbrellas for kids in 2017 and see which one (or ones) you and your family will love the most! Your child’s new umbrella is here!

1. Novelty Cool Animal Umbrella

The Novelty Cool Animal Umbrella is perfect for the animal lover in your family. This umbrella is available in different styles that represent different animals, including a frog, a panda, a cool goldfish, a ladybug, an elephant, a giraffe, and a bumble bee. No matter your child’s favorite animal, they will be able to find a fun umbrella that shares their animal passion! Each umbrella features a unique design full of vibrant colors and graphics. This umbrella is lightweight in design and has a 28-inch diameter when fully opened and a 23-inch long stem and hook to enable easy gripping for your child.

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2. Bugzz Kid’s Stuff Children’s PVC Umbrella – Dinosaur

The Bugzz Kid’s Stuff Children’s PVC Umbrella – Dinosaur is the ideal umbrella for the dinosaur lover in your family! This umbrella has dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes throughout its cover with words “Roar!” written all over! For every child who enjoys dinosaurs, they will be certain to enjoy this umbrella and will love to use it each time it rains! The main colors of this umbrella are orange, green, brown, and blue, striking the natural colors that make every dinosaur fan smile.

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3. SMATI Stick Umbrella

The SMATI Stick Umbrella is a fun clear umbrella made for women and children that features a black and white dog peeking above the rim of the umbrella. Walking down the sidewalk, you are sure to bring smiles to all who pass! This umbrella has a plastic handle and an automatic open feature. It measures 33 inches in length and has a 32-inch diameter when fully open.

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4. Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid and Toddler Umbrella

The Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid and Toddler Umbrella is a signature umbrella that features skip hop zoo characters and coordinates perfectly with a matching zoo raincoat! This umbrella has a peek-a-boo window and a kid-friendly release, making it nice and easy for children of all ages to use. The fun ladybug design of this umbrella features a smiling face and “antennae” that branch off the umbrella itself.

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5. ANSAN Cartoon Bubble Umbrella

The ANSAN Cartoon Bubble Umbrella is a super fun umbrella for any child or for the kid at heart of any adult. This umbrella is known as a windproof birdcage helmet umbrella because of its design that is higher in the front and lower in the back to keep the umbrella user dry and protected from both the wind and the rain. The fun design of the umbrella, too, is available with goggles on the front, poking fun at the joy of rain showers! You will be certain to bring smiles to people’s faces with this happy umbrella.

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6. Kidorable Little Boys’ Grey Dragon Knight Umbrella

The Kidorable Little Boys’ Grey Dragon Knight Umbrella is marketed for boys, but is available for anyone, including girls! This umbrella includes a fire-breathing dragon on the front with dragon ears that extend off from the main portion of the umbrella. Rather than a traditional handle, the handle on this umbrella is actually disguised as an easy grip knight sword! This umbrella measures 24 inches in length and 27 inches in diameter when fully open.

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7. InterestPrint White Love Heart Donut Travel Umbrella

The InterestPrint White Love Heart Donut Travel Umbrella will definitely be fun to hold… and it might make you hungry as well! This happy umbrella features delicious-looking cartoon donuts all over its reach, so if you or your child loves sweets, this umbrella might be the right fit for them! The umbrella has a gripped plastic handle and is 25.6 inches in length.

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8. Stephen Joseph Girls’ Pop Up Umbrella

The Stephen Joseph Girls’ Pop Up Umbrella is designed for girls, but is available for boys too! This umbrella features a graphic shark with fins that pop up out of the umbrella. The fun design of this umbrella will draw eyes from all you pass by. A green easy grip handle makes for simple use as well. This umbrella is 23.62 inches in length and 27.56 inches in width when fully open.

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9. Plemo Windproof Travel Umbrella

The Plemo Windproof Travel Umbrella is a beautiful umbrella that represents the stunning qualities of your favorite flowers. This umbrella is available in a design that matches a purple daisy or a yellow sunflower, depending upon your personal preferences and what flowers you like the most! You will be bringing new meaning to “April showers bring May flowers” with this umbrella! When opened fully, this umbrella has a span that reaches 37 inches in diameter.

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10. Kidorable Little Girls’ Ballerina Umbrella

Kidorable Little Girls’ Ballerina UmbrellaLastly, the Kidorable Little Girls’ Ballerina Umbrella is marketed for young girls, but is available for young boys too! For those who love ballerinas, this umbrella is the ideal choice for them. This umbrella is prominently pink and purple and includes figures of dancing ballerinas throughout its cover. A pink handle makes for easy gripping and the brim of the umbrella is made of a purple fill material. The dancer in your family will love this umbrella!

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All of these umbrellas will light up your child’s day! No matter their favorite characters, colors, or designs, they are certain to find an umbrella that matches their style and their personality, in addition to keeping them safe and dry throughout the spring season and during the whole year, no matter what weather might be in store. Bring a smile to your child’s face this season with their new umbrella and watch as they enjoy playing in the rain!