About Umbrella Star

Here at Umbrellastar.com you can choose and buy any umbrella - an accessory that is necessary for every person in a daily life, as well as a perfect gift for every taste and purse!

Among our advantages we mark out the following:

  • We offer the largest selection of rain and patio umbrellas. Unlike other stores, which fill the goods according to principle “The relevant sections shouldn’t be left empty”, we’re interested in presenting ALL umbrellas available on the US market for you.
  • We write about umbrellas in detail so you’ll have answers to any questions. It means that you’ll know the diameter of the dome, the type of handle, and the number of spokes. And yes, customer opinion is important for us, so you’ll find here only real reviews and truthful feedbacks.
  • We work with a smile and a good humor. Believe us, when you choose such a beautiful accessory as an umbrella, or prepare a nice gift, it’s important to do this in a good mood. And we are here when you really need help to make a right choice!
Gil with a colorful umbrella

So, if it rains outside and you didn’t take an umbrella, it’s hot and you need some extra shade - you can always rely on us!

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