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10 Best Yellow Umbrellas Review

So, you are in the market for an umbrella? Well, awesome you have come to the right place! Umbrellas can keep you covered in those stormy rains! Believe it or not, there are tons of different types of umbrellas to choose from and I am here to show you which ones are the best!

First of all, yellow is the way to go! Whether you are a man, woman, adult or child, yellow is the best umbrella color.

Why is yellow the best? Yellow is happy and makes you think of the sun even when the sun is not anywhere to be seen. Yellow makes people jolly and when I see somebody (no matter whom) with a yellow umbrella it brings a smile to my face on such a gloomy day. There need to be more smiles in this world! I am here to show you the top 10 yellow umbrellas on the market and explain to you what makes them so amazing!

  1. Rainlax Windproof Golf Umbrella

This umbrella is the ultimate umbrella. It is 62 inches! The Rainlax is perfect for those stormy days! It is built with high-quality material that makes it optimal in strong winds without folding or breaking. It is also extremely waterproof due to its Teflon fabric. The material is also quick to dry!

This amazing umbrella is not only perfect for those stormy and windy days; it is also exceptional in the sun. The umbrellas outer layer has technology which means it has UV protection. You won’t have to worry about getting sunburned while under this beauty. This specific umbrella is also perfect for the golf course. The steel pole fits in most all golf cart umbrella mounts. The handle is ergonomically friendly and is sufficient for both left and right-handed users. Say goodbye to wrist fatigue when holding this bad boy!


  1. Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella

The Repel is perfect for one person to travel with. It is light-weight and easily portable. This umbrella is the way to go when trying to protect yourself from storms. It protects you against rain, with its waterproof canopy. It is also strong and will not break when the wind is not letting up. You won’t have to worry about this umbrella turning inside out. In fact, if this umbrella does turn inside out, it can easily fold back into place without ruining the ribs of the umbrella.


  1. Crown Coast Travel Umbrella

Are you living in an area where the wind tries to pick you up and throw you? Well, then this is the umbrella for you! The Crown Coast can handle wind speeds up to 65 mph! You read that right, 65 MPH!!! When normal umbrellas are flipped inside out they are considered broken, this umbrella can flip inside out without ruining the durability. This is the ultimate heavy duty umbrella; although heavy duty it is really lightweight and easy to travel with. You won’t have to worry about forcing the Crown Coast open or close due to its automatic open and close feature. Not only is this umbrella great in the wind, it is also water resistant. If you plan on traveling, this is the umbrella for you!


  1. Plemo Folding Umbrella

The first thing that you will notice with the Plemo umbrella is its exterior design. This adorable umbrella is designed as a sunflower. How could you go wrong with a sunflower umbrella? The Plemo opens up to 37 inches and therefore is perfect for single person use. The strong umbrella ribs will stop the product from flipping inside out even through strong winds. The umbrella is equipped with an amazing handle that has a strong grip to prevent hand fatigue. Another incredible feature is the fact that the Plemo will open and close automatically without fuss.


  1. Rainlax Travel Windproof Umbrella

This is an amazing umbrella! The Rainlax is perfect for those stormy days. It is waterproof because of the pongee outer material and can withstand over 60 mph of wind without breaking. Normal umbrellas are made up of 6-8 ribs reinforcing the frame, but the Rainlax is made up of 10 ribs to prevent from folding inside out. This large umbrella can cover two people and possibly a third person with its 46 inches. And don’t forget the automatic open and close feature to prevent the user from getting soaked when a bad weather storm strikes.


  1. EEZ-Y Folding Golf Umbrella

If you are looking for a large and sturdy umbrella, this is perfect! The EEZ-Y umbrella opens up to 58 inches and therefore can cover several people from weather trouble. The EEZ-Y umbrella has premium double canopy technology. This technology allows for the wind to pass through the umbrella so that it can withstand heavy winds without flipping the umbrella inside out. The material is specifically coated to protect users from rain and the material dries quickly. The EEZ-Y developers are confident that their ergonomic handle is better than any of their competition. Although this umbrella is large, it can retract to even smaller than some normal-sized umbrellas.


  1. Hoke Ultra Mini

Sometimes you don’t need an extensive umbrella that is huge. You might just need a little umbrella that gets the job done. This adorable little umbrella folds so small that the whole thing almost fits in the palm of your hand. However, it still adequately covers you from the unwanted weather outside. Not only is the Hoke waterproof it is also perfect for the sun with its UV protection. The Hoke also has an automatic button to open and close the umbrella easily.


  1. Elite Rain Umbrella

Bubble clear yellow umbrellaI love this umbrella! The thing that immediately sets it apart from other umbrellas is its design. This umbrella is shaped like a bubble so that it goes around your head to prevent having wind and rain blowing in your face. The Elite umbrella is clear so that you can easily see and your vision is not being restricted. This umbrella will keep you nice and dry.



  1. Ted’s Yellow Umbrella

This umbrella was made popular by the television show How I Met Your Mother. The Ted’s Umbrella can be seen throughout the series being held by the mother of Ted’s children. It is simple and cute. This umbrella is equipped with an attractive dark hook handle. It protects you from the rain and you will look fashionable while walking through those unexpected rainstorms.

Teds yellow umbrella


  1. Keuoo Umbrella

The most impressive feature of this umbrella is its 24 ribs! You read that right! It has 24 ribs to reinforce the umbrella! It has high technology pongee outer material to protect the user from the water. One unique feature of the Keuoo is when the material gets wet, little flowers will start appearing throughout the top of the umbrella. This 44-inch umbrella will easily keep you covered from the rain and it also has an easy automatic open and close feature to prevent the user from getting extremely wet trying to fuss with their umbrella.


Any of these amazing umbrellas would be great choices. Each of these umbrellas has their unique features that make them different from one another. Each umbrella will adequately protect you from the rain and will keep you dry. However, in order to choose the umbrella that is perfect for you, you will have to decide if you want to have strong wind resistance or UV protection, because some of these umbrellas don’t have those features. You will also have to decide if you want a very large one or one that is simple and compact and easy to travel with. I hope that this review has helped you choose the yellow umbrella that is perfect for you and your needs.